28 Novembre 2016

CodyRoby – EN

[Versione italiana]

Cody is a coder, Roby is a robot. Cody provides instructions to Roby, who executes them.

Make unplugged coding the perfect DIY gift: no time, no cost, lot of fun, new skills.

CodyRoby is a DIY card game to play with unplugged coding at any age. Download your free CodyRoby kit, print it out, cut the cards, fold the card box, and start playing! Instructions and represented by colourful cards reporting the symbols associated to three elementary moves:

  • turn left (yellow, also denoted by  L, which means turning 90 degrees counterclockwise),
  • move forward (green, also denoted by letter F, which means moving into the box in front of you),
  • turn right (red, also denoted by R, which means turning 90 degrees clockwise).


Players act as Cody, using their cards to provide instructions to Roby, represented by a piece on the board. All the games can also be played on the floor, drawing a big board where kids can move playing the role of Roby.

CodyRoby was invented on November 2014, to allow Italian schools to take part into the European Robotics Week at no cost. The kit can be dowloaded for free, printed out, cut-out and folded to compose the card deck, the board, the pieces and the box where everything fits.

Since 2014 the kit has been distributed in many different versions, including those prepared for Europe Code Week, Africa Code Week and Eruopean Robotics Week. The color code adopted to make the three arrows easily recognizable has been adopted in the last two years by many other educational coding and robotics tools.

The CodyRoby kit can be used in many different ways. Some of them are documented by short silent video tutorials (at the end of this page), so that the basic rules can be learned by imitation and complemented by fantasy. But as soon as you start playing the proposed games, you can invent and play your own.

In August 2016 the Starter Kit has been extended by introducing special cards representing loops and conditions. The new kit has been created for CodeMOOC and it is officially distributed for free on this page. The new kit provides a complete unplugged hour of code, as explained in this webinar (IT) and in these slides (IT).

The kit

Next to the link to dowload the pdf of each page of the kit you can find the recommended options for print it out. Card backs are optional. Two-side printing is not manadtory. In case you opt for two-side printing, make sure that card backs are properly aligned.

  • Baord (pdf). [A4 Paper: Demimatt, 170gr. Printing: Single side]


  • Box (pdf). [A4 Paper: Demimatt, 250gr. Printing: Single side]


  • Move forward cards (pdf-front, pdf-back). [A4 Paper: Gloss, 300gr. Printing: Double side – long edge. Two copies]


  • Turn left cards (pdf-front, pdf-back). [A4 Paper: Gloss, 300gr. Printing: Double side – long edge]


  • Turn right cards (pdf-front, pdf-back). [A4 Paper: Gloss, 300gr. Printing: Double side – long edge]


  • Special cards (pdf-front, pdf-back). [A4 Paper: Gloss, 300gr. Printing: Double side – long edge]


Video tutorials

Kit preparation

The Race

The Duel

The Snake